One of the most rewarding membership experiences is committee service. Grain Valley Partnership has several committees with varying missions. Each committee has its own mission and set of annual goals.

The committee structure offers members valuable opportunities to connect and collaborate with their peers. Building a trusted business network is one of the greatest benefits of membership.

Take a closer look at our committee list to find out which one aligns closest to your interest, passion, and experience.

Have fun and appreciate the rewards!

If you are interested in being a part of a committee, please let us know here.
Executive Committee:

This committee deals with the administration of the board. The committee works closely with the Executive Director to provide smooth execution of organizational programs and projects. A standing committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Immediate Past President, and Executive Director, Tasha Lindsey.

Chair: Kevin Girtz

Budget Committee:

The Budget Committee coordinates events and fundraisers to help raise revenue so that the Grain Valley Partnership can continue to carry on the mission. The committee also acts as the fiduciary arm of the organization.  Members of the committee are Rod Nofziger, Kevin Girtz, Melissa Winston, and Dr. Cathy Dowd.

Chair: Rod Nofziger

Marketing and Membership Committee:  (open to members)

The Marketing and Membership Committee coordinates events, and image campaigns for the Grain Valley Partnership. The committee is devoted to creating unique experiences and activities that will help grow our membership/investors and improve our community both through business and residential growth.  This committee also is charged with continuing to keep the organization relevant to our members by ensuring that we bring value and meaning through our day-to-day operations.  This committee is tasked with a lot of responsibility so we have split the duties into subcommittees to help us better serve our community.  

Subcommittees include:

Fundraising Committee: This committee will be charged with fundraising events to help us finance our programs that serve our business community.  

Events Committee: This committee will be charged with creating new events, and working to better the current events.

Programs Committee: This committee will be charged with creating and facilitating programs that bring value to the GVP and offer opportunities to our community business leaders and owners to be successful through education and peer networking.

Committee members: Tyler Brown, Dan Strader, Dr. Cathy Dowd, Dan Nelson, and Theresa Osenbaugh.

Chair: Tyler Brown

Economic Development Corporation Committee:

This committee will handle the traditional work of an EDC Board. The committee should be represented by members of industry, government, and the school district.

    Committee Members: Kevin Girtz, Rod Nofziger, Kim Roam, Ken Murphy, Dr. Brad Welle, Chief Kirk Lair.

    Chair: TBD

    Government Relations Committee: (open to members)

    Government Relations develops legislative statements and plans trips to Jefferson City, hosts Eggs and Issues Breakfast Forums and Candidate Forums for local elections. They will also host the annual public elected appreciation event. 

    Committee Members:  Martha Meyer: Kim Roam, and Mike Matousek

    Chair: Martha Meyer