We understand that having access to available services with the capacity to serve your business expansion is a critical factor in selecting a site.

That’s why we’ve developed relationships with area service providers that ensure we can provide your company with accurate and detailed information about the available services, capacities, rates, and costs for any system upgrades associated with available buildings and sites.

   Natural Gas Provider:  Spire
    Electrical Provider:  KCP&L
    Water and Wastewater Provider:  City of Grain Valley

Natural Gas Provider: Spire provides all of the Natural Gas within the City of Grain Valley. They have been trusted investors in our organization and supporters of growing Grain Valley. Jim Hearing is a significant regional partner and is in charge of the Economic Development Division for Spire across the entire State of Missouri. We are excited to have him on the team!

Electrical Providers: Kansas City Power and Light is the largest electrical provider in the Kansas City Metro. They work hand in hand with our team to make sure that any development within our community has the necessary electrical capacity and infrastructure to make it a success. The Economic Development team consisting of Jon Engleman, Lisa Franklin, and Mark Dawson are great members of our regional team. Kansas City Power and Light also have several utility incentives available for large and small scale electrical power users.

Water and Wastewater Provider: The City of Grain Valley is the only provider the of water and wastewater within the City limits of Grain Valley. With massive infrastructure improvements within the last decade the City has positioned itself for tremendous growth over the next several years. The City is a major supporter of the Grain Valley Partnership, and with this relationship we are able to work together to create possible incentives for larger water-using companies.

Technology and Communications

Thanks to technology today’s businesses operated worldwide and all day every day. Companies in Grain Valley are no different and are able to compete with companies across the world due to a diverse and reliable set of high speed data and telephone providers with solutions for companies of any size.

Television, Phone, and Internet Providers

      Comcast: A subsidiary of XFINITY is a leading provider of voice, video and data services across the country. A member of the NBC Universal family Comcast is able to provide business services for companies large and small for a competitive price.

      AT&T: With the roots of the company established in phones service AT&T has not forgotten where they started. With access to high speed internet, and affordable phone packages. AT&T continues to be the leader in home and business voice, video, and data across the United States. Also since the purchase of DirecTV by AT&T they are able to provide all of your Satellite television needs in a convenient bundle that saves you money.

      Dish: Provides you with high quality satellite television for all your favorite channels & HD entertainment. There are several providers of dish network throughout the Grain Valley area.