Grain Valley School DistrictQuality education is a priority in Grain Valley. Knowledgeable staff, caring faculties, active school boards and involved parents work together to provide an academic environment conducive to learning and preparing our youth to excel. A well rounded curriculum emphasizes traditional as well as contemporary learning skills to prepare students for the future.

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A Letter from Dr. Marc Snow – Superintendent of the Grain Valley R-5 School District


Dr. Mark SnowOn behalf of the Board of Education and our employees, I welcome you to the Grain Valley School District, where our mission keeps us working together in pursuit of our vision.

Our Mission: We operate a public school district, dedicated to educating every student, every day.

Our Vision: To be the best model of student success whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex world.

Grain Valley is a community on the move. New homes continue to be built and more students enter the doors to our schools each year. In fact, the number of students in our district has doubled in the past eleven years. Over this same time, the achievement of our students has continued to excel.

Our district continues to be recognized nationally for the success of our academic programs in preparing students to be ready for college and career. The Washington Post has again named ours as one of the country’s “Most Challenging High Schools,” based on advanced course offerings and student achievement on state and national exams.

Our Board of Education has adopted a new five-year comprehensive school improvement plan in which we challenge ourselves to personalize the learning for students in order to prepare each student for his or her future. This will involve being clear about what students need to know and be able to do; and engaging students in setting learning goals and tracking their progress. We continue our commitment to integrating technology into the learning experience and to effectively supporting students who struggle with learning.

We were pleased with the participation of students, parents, staff, and other patrons who invested their time into developing beliefs, commitments, and the other input that led to this ambitious five-year plan.

As a part of our long-range facilities plan, significant additions and renovation to our high school facility and activities spaces are underway and are expected to continue for several years. Most recently, our community passed a $9.5 Million bond issue in February of 2016 to allow for the next phase of work to our high school. Passage of this bond issue did not require raising the district tax levy rate.

This latest phase features seven new classrooms, plus restrooms, collaboration spaces and the renovation of the existing classrooms between this new business classroom phase of 2016 and the science phase of 2013.

Also included in this phase were a greenhouse, re-purposing of the former transportation building into student activity space, eight new tennis courts and plaza/concessions/restroom/storage between the new tennis courts and the baseball and softball fields. Three hundred additional parking spaces were also added to the south side of the school.

Great things are happening in the Grain Valley School District Community and our team of district employees is pleased to partner with others within the community to serve our students and ensure they succeed.

Respectfully Yours,

Dr. Marc Snow

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