Heavenly Touch Reborn Nursery – 3/19/2022

We love celebrating our businesses. On 3/19/2022, we celebrated Heavenly Touch Reborn Nursery’s ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!! This family-owned business opened in 2021 here in Grain Valley (originally located in Independence) and truly is a unique niche. Ronda Cox and her husband Jim (Cox Trucking) have really turned what was once an eyesore into a beautiful relaxing storefront. Ronda and her daughter Brittany Sylvester work hard to “turn ordinary dolls into lifelike creations”, it truly is a work of art. The love and the attention to detail that they put into each doll is incredible. They sell both vinyl and silicone dolls and they even have a few animals, I believe I even saw a Yoda doll in the store. If you haven’t been yet, this is a must-go-to store in Grain Valley. It smells just as a nursery should, has clothes and accessories galore, and the babies are just adorable!!! Located at 124 E 3rd Street Grain Valley, MO.