Planning and Rules Committee:

Planning and Rules is tasked with the formation and review of the organizations bylaws, policies and structure as well as the yearly strategic planning for the organization.
Frequency: This committee will meet at 7:30am on the 2nd Tuesday of August/September for Strategic Planning and in February/March for bylaw and policy review and more frequently, if necessary.
Committee Members: Darryl Jones, Ryan Hunt, Jeff Grote, David Halpin

  Government Relations Committee:

Government Relations develops legislative statements and plans trips to Jefferson City, hosts Eggs and Issues Breakfast Forums and Candidate Forums for local elections. They will also host the annual public elected appreciation event.
Frequency: This committee meets at 7:30am on the second Wednesday of each month, from December to May (during legislative session).
Committee Members: Kim Roam, Martha Meyer, Rod Nofziger

  Future Workforce Committee:

Future Workforce coordinates 8th grade and 11th-grade career fairs and focuses on developing our youth for future careers. The committee should be represented by members of industry, government, and the school district.
Frequency: This Committee meets at 7:30am on the third Tuesday of the month, from July-September.
Committee Members: Dr. Marc Snow, Jeff Coleman, Dave Hackett

  Business Retention and Expansion Committee:

The Business Retention/Expansion Committee conducts existing industry calls. Committee members actively participate in calls and visits of existing industry in the community, understanding the importance of confidentiality. As the organization grows we would also like to have this committee coordinate a Small Business and Manufacturers Appreciation event.
Frequency: This committee meets at 7:30am on the third Wednesday of the month, from January to April, until all the scheduled interviews are finished.
Committee Members: Lance Schefers, Justin Tyson, David Ward

  Marketing and Promotion Committee:

The Marketing and Promotion Committee coordinates special events, and image campaigns for the Grain Valley Partnership. The committee is devoted to creating unique experiences and activities that will help grow our membership/investors and improve our community both through business and residential growth.
Frequency: This committee meets at 7:30am on the last Tuesday of the month or more frequently, as needed.
Committee Members: Kelly Smith, Teresa McBride, Mayor Mike Todd, Kathryn Harrington, Tasha Lindsey

  Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee is responsible for the budget of the Grain Valley Partnership. The Treasurer of The Grain Valley Partnership will be required to serve as the Chair of the Committee.
Frequency: This committee meets at 7:30am on the second Tuesday of the month from October-December and more frequently, if necessary.
Committee Members: Jeff Smith, Allen Lefko, Yolanda West, Scott Fullerton

  Personnel/Hiring Committee:

The Personnel/Hiring Committee is tasked with the creation of job descriptions and the interview and hiring process for employees of the organization, with the exception of the Executive Director of Economic Development, which will be handled by the Executive Committee.
Frequency: This Committee meets as needed – when there is a need to conduct interviews for employee replacement or additional staff.
Committee Members: Darryl Jones, Justin Tyson, Kelly Smith, Teresa McBride

*Future Committee Opportunities:

  Ambassador Program:

The Ambassador program will be specifically for individuals that are retired within the Grain Valley Community that would like to participate in some of our special events. These Ambassadors would attend various Ribbon Cuttings, After Hours, Luncheons, and other activities as requested. The Committee will be a way that our organization can reach out to those that have helped build this community, and let them continue to Grow Grain Valley!
Committee Members: